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Ameri Shape 1-888-541-0714 You can enroll 50-100 new members with the In Shape America weight loss program and membership drive or with one of our other Marketing Campaigns.

"Revolutionize Your Club's Financial Future In Just 30 Days!"
AmeriShape knows what it takes to build a membership base and since 1997 the AmeriShape team has helped over 300 circuit clubs and full service gyms dramatically increase their dues income while infusing new life and energy into the club. Utilizing an ALL NATURAL and EFFECTIVE diet your members adhere to a powerful two-pronged strategy of effective circuit exercise and nutrition that yeilds incredible results!

"Are You Interested In Generating Additional Revenue of $50,000 to $100,000?"
Is your club located in a town or city with at least 10,000 population or greater?
If you answered yes then your club is an excellent candidate for the AmeriShape GET YOUR BODY BACK 36 Week Challenge. Our program has been tried and tested over the past 12 years in some of the most stubborn markets in America and has proven over and over again to be able to generate huge returns on investment.

THE DIFFERENCE. . . is revealed in some basic rules that are applied with the AmeriShape program that few are able to grasp and apply. One rule is that the weight loss market dwarfs the fitness market and our program targets with laser precision those who are accustomed to approaching weight management through the dieting channel. Our program hits the hot button of the weight loss consumer dead center and compels them to take action by combining progressive exercise with a sensible and practical approach. After years and years of trying and failing at the diet game, these prospects are primed and ready for a new and fresh approach that includes regular exercise.

You can contact us through Direct E-Mail You can also call us on the phone at: 888-541-0714.

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